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Online banking

Online Banking is a safe, secure and easy way to manage your money via the internet. You can check your balance, make transactions and do most of your everyday banking – all from the convenience of your home, coffee shop or abroad, at a time that suits you. All you need is internet access and a Cluster Bank account.

We’ve designed Online Banking to be easy to use, even if you’re new to internet banking. If you’ve been managing your money online for some time and are unsure about something or are a first-time user ready to experience how convenient it is to take control of your finances, you’re in the right place. more on cluster card basics

And if you have any queries about online security, see our comprehensive Security section.

Money Transfer

Send money to love ones or business partners at the comfort of your computer.

Create a CC online account and start sending money to anyone - anywhere - anytime. register now?

Offshore Banking

No CLuster Bank Account? No cluster Bank agent in your locality/Country? Do not worry! Register for an offshore account in minutes. The procedure is simple, in minutes you're done.

Bank CEPHAS (New generation banking software)

Built on a mysql platform using high-end PHP clusters, Java, action script technologies, BANK CEPHAS is being run today by many micro finances in Cameroon.

BANK CEPHAS is a system like no other. It is a new-generation data processing framework with a unique architecture built around common patterns and generic objects

School Management Software (SMS)

SMS was design to manage all the activities of educational institutions. SMS has three differents version

SMS Primary - For nursery and primary schools

SMS Secondary - Typically used by secondary and high schools

SMS Vocational - Specially designed for vocational, professional schools and Universities


A point of sales solution that was also built on a mysql platform using high-end PHP clusters, Java, action script technologies

Use EMPRESS AAA to folloup sales from all your peripherials shops around the glob LIVE!!. EMPRESS AAA is a cloud POS that is highly automated for users who are not very familiar with computer tools.